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In her one-on-one sessions, Kirsty uses these tools to hold the space for professional women to rebalance their fast-paced lives and rediscover their profound feminine energy, and for men to heal their relationship to the feminine.

She is also the founder of the conscious community, Mystic Wanderer, a global platform for women to share their journeys of awakening.

Of course, I had a few other things to do during that time.Then we climb a winding oak staircase to the second floor of Amalienborg Palace, where the walls are adorned with French tapestries and oil portraits of the queen's ancestors.When Margrethe II, 76, greets us in her private library, there is a silver ashtray on the glass table in front of her.Margrethe II rarely gives interviews, and the queen makes a point of not discussing politics. It was a task that I found very touching, because Luther's Reformation was very important for Denmark.SPIEGEL: Your Majesty, you will travel to Germany in early October for the reopening of the palace chapel in Wittenberg, and you plan to bring along an altar hanging for the church. SPIEGEL: How long did it take to embroider the antependium?

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