Funny rules for dating my daughter

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Funny rules for dating my daughter

Enjoy the break from having to go everywhere, and just enjoy being.

Shabbat is there, calling us to where we want to be: self-actualization; nature; oneness; completion. Remember the part in the movie The Ten Commandments when the Jewish people leave Egypt and are wandering through the desert?

Then there is just the one-way walk back home Friday night.

During the day, the walk to and from shul seems a pleasure.

Our tradition tells us that through understanding the Mishkan, we will understand Shabbat.

This was to be the central dwelling place of God's presence. Any activity used in forming this house of the Creator would be considered acts of creation.

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The two commandments, to guard and to remember, were said by God in one breath, for one without the other would be empty.

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