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bothering you with irritating popups or anything that feels unnecessary.Working on Luna is seamless and painless overall, which is more than I could ever say about Windows 7, or any other Windows version that I have used. There are no terms and conditions to blindly agree to, no restrictions on the number of systems you can use it on, and no legalities to stop you from sharing it with others. And if you’re happy with what you see, you can always make a donation to support e OS.I was ready to give up and resign myself to Windows again when I stumbled upon Luna.Impressed by its appearance and reviews, I decided to give it a shot.For this reason, when I learnt about Puppy Linux, I thought it would be the ideal OS for me.I narrowed down my choices to a couple of Puppy Linux versions, Mac Pup and LXPup.The good news is that you get used to these differences before you know it.I haven’t had to deal with unknown file types as much as I did on Windows. In the rare case it can’t, it is helpful with error messages.

The Wingpanel – the Linux equivalent of the Windows task bar system tray – is handy, yet discreet and clutterfree.

But thanks to the Ubuntu-based Elementary OS Luna, I’ve given up Windows for good. In what ways does it fare better than my previous OS, Windows 7? When it was time to swap DOS (pre-installed) with a different OS, I decided to go with Linux, because I was tired of all the work involved in customizing Windows to my satisfaction.

I looked for a few Linux distros, and opted for Petra, the latest version of Linux Mint.

The File Explorer is well planned, and its visual hierarchy makes it easy to find files and folders.

I was surprised by the lack of a search function in the file manager, but to me that seemed minor.

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