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Semi-soft with a melting texture and strong, meaty flavour, likened to smoked bacon.Produced by cheesemaker Humprey Errington it is a cylinder shaped, foil wrapped, blue cheese made in the “Roquefort style” using Penicillium Roqueforti mould.After the curd is formed and whey is drained off, the whiskey is added which gives the cheese a mottled, golden hue. There was no blue cheese made on Irish farms until 1984 when this cheese was first made.Nearly 50% of the pasteurised milk comes from the Grubb’s Holstein-Friesians cows, the remaining from local herds.

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Natural-rinded, the paste is chalkier towards the centre.

A rich, creamy, mild taste and a sweet blue flavour when mature.

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A soft, creamy cheese with cracks and streaks of blue.