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Reality tv dating affects on teens

Bullying on TV shows has grown common over the years, which is a problem worth addressing as recent studies suggest that airing this type of content under the banner of “reality TV” has induced aggression and bullying in its young audience.If one is seeking answers to how to prevent bullying, it is important to correctly identify the perpetrator.If the appeal and reputation of the show is too strong for the kids to resist, parents should watch it with them and remind that that it’s not reality, but in fact scripted entertainment for financial and rating purposes.

America’s Next Top Model, kids may also think little of being superficial and actually start attacking other kids with hurt words based on their appearance.Some reality TV shows such as Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club go a step further by adding physical violence to the mix, thus making an even more disastrous impact on the minds and lifestyle of teenagers.According to a study by researchers at Brigham Young University, US, reality TV programs contain 85 verbal attacks, insults and snide remarks on average each hour, which is almost twice that of what is present in dramas, soaps and comedies.“Furthermore, heavy viewers of these shows overestimate the prevalence of discord (e.g., affairs and divorces) and an emphasis on sex (e.g., sex on the first date, having multiple sex partners) in romantic relationships.” This raises disturbing questions that are beyond the scope of the study, such as whether these beliefs impact the viewers’ actual behavior.Presumably, if you come to believe that spreading rumors and sleeping around constitute “normal” behavior, you are more likely to engage in such activities.

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