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Police say at least one of those fights actually turned physical when the roommate slammed Anita's foot in a door.

Anita's mom even says that after receiving numerous threatening texts from the roommate, her daughter said she was afraid for her life.

It turned out he was just a jogger out on his normal route at his normal time.

"There was some maintenance men working on a building nearby doing roofing, temporary workers in the area doing roofing, that left.

"We went to high school together, we went to our senior prom together. They were concerned because I knew exactly when I last talked to her, they kept asking me about that, but that's because when I got up there the first person I saw was her aunt.

And her aunt asked me when the last time I talked to her, so I went on my computer and checked my chat logs. But then they just asked general questions." A month later, police brought him in again.

"She was just so amazing, she just meant that much to me," said Tyler.

To get answers, police start looking at the people closest to Anita, and few seemed to stick closer than that her high school senior prom date Tyler Schmaltz.

I'm a quiet shy guy and I'm not that much outgoing, so at that time she was my only friend.

She was just the most amazing person in the world, and she didn't deserve any of this." Shortly after news of the murder breaks, a witness tells police he saw a man running away from the area around the time Anita was supposedly murdered.

"I went and knocked on the door, didn't answer, and her car was there," said Gordon.

Gordon tries to let himself in, but the door is locked.

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And I said well I think you'll get in trouble if you don't." "They go to where the window was and I seen somebody laying in there and I walked over and the window is open, and I touched her head and I said 'You get that door open right now,'" said Gordon. "According to the forensics crime lab, said that she was killed on Sunday morning," said Minot Daily News reporter Kim Fundingsland.