Updating to directx 10

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Updating to directx 10

Like other Direct X APIs, such as Direct Draw, both were based on COM.

The retained mode was a scene graph API that attained little adoption.

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Game developers clamored for more direct control of the hardware's activities than the Direct3D retained mode could provide.

Only two games that sold a significant volume, Lego Island and Lego Rock Raiders, were based on the Direct3D retained mode, so Microsoft did not update the retained mode after Direct X 3.0.

No substantive changes were planned to Direct3D for Direct X 4.0, which was scheduled to ship in late 1996 and then cancelled.

In December 1996, a team in Redmond took over development of the Direct3D Immediate Mode, while the London-based Render Morphics team continued work on the Retained Mode.

A new real-time software rasterizer, WARP, designed to emulate complete feature set of Direct3D 10.1, is included with Windows 7 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 with the Platform Update; its performance is said to be on par with lower-end 3D cards on multi-core CPUs.

Continuous updating Direct X11.2 & Direct X11.3 is also available on market.

There are various platforms which guide you how to get directx 11. You can run Compatibility GPU test for direct X 11.

The Redmond team added the Draw Primitive API that eliminated the need for applications to construct execute buffers, making Direct3D more closely resemble other immediate mode rendering APIs such as Glide and Open GL.

The first beta of Draw Primitive shipped in February 1997, Besides introducing an easier-to-use immediate mode API, Direct X 5.0 added the Set Render Target method that enabled Direct3D devices to write their graphical output to a variety of Direct Draw surfaces.

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Direct3D offers full vertex software emulation but no pixel software emulation for features not available in hardware.