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Updating windows media center

Q: I have diagrams that I created in Inspiration and I want to use them on the i Pad. A: If you would like to move Inspiration 9 or Inspiration 8 diagrams and outlines to the i Pad to continue working on them, you can do this with Inspiration 9.2 by exporting your work as Inspiration Maps documents.Your document will look similar on your i Pad but not identical.It allows for a smooth movement when repositioning the symbols in the document.Q: I saved an Inspiration 9 file as an Inspiration 8 file and my inserted graphics are not appearing. A: To open the presentation file, first launch the Inspiration Presenter then use the Open dialog menu to open the file Q: I'm using Inspiration 9 on Snow Leopard and having difficulty printing my presentation slides. If there are still difficulties contact us at technical support.However, we do support Activ Studio 3, Promethean's next, most recent major version, for handwriting recognition on the PC and Mac (on the latter, prior to OS 10.6, for which a separate issue exisits). A: While there has been nothing added to prevent Inspiration 9 from running from a Novell server, it is not a tested environment.Thus, Novell is not a formerly supported operating system for Inspiration 9.A: The green glow indicates the potential connection points along the symbol for straight link lines.

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Then use the Open dialog to select the presentation file.

Q: When drawing a link to a symbol I see a green glow around the destination symbol, what is that?

Note: the folder and installer names might differ slightly depending on which version of Inspiration you're installing.

Q: I see the error message "Online resources are currently unavailable..." when trying to install.

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