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«Dating and Characterizing Writing, Stamp Pad an Jet Printer Inks by Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry», International Journal of Forensic Document Examiners Vol.2 No.3.

QDE INDEX A Guide to Periodical Articles In English on Document Examination, Handwriting Expertise and Expert Testimony Compiled and Edited by Marcel B. Matley A & M Matley, Handwriting Experts of California San Francisco, CA A and M Matley, Handwriting Experts of California, are the duly registered DBAs of Marcel B. Services offered are the customary services in the field of questioned documents examination.

Many cases involve confidential consultations requiring critical evaluation of opposing expert reports, opinions and testimony.

The extensive databases maintained in the office, with a professional library of more than 8,000 items as of this writing, enable the providing of a quick turn-around time in such consultations.

Most practitioners seem to have some serious lack in observation, science or logic which a skilled cross-examining attorney can effectively exploit and a competent opposing expert can easily counter to facilitate acceptance of the truth.

Matley All world rights in reproduction by any means and of sale or distribution are reserved to the copyright holder. Matley Published by: A and M Matley Handwriting Experts of California (3092 C.

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