Who is the leader of maroon 5 dating

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Megatron fled in terror when confronted by Grimlock's rage.He then in turn apologized, in earnest, for his jealousy towards Optimus Prime asking for forgiveness.

Optimus Prime later commissioned Wheeljack and Ratchet to build Snarl and Swoop to aid the Autobots.

Much to the dismay of Megatron, Prime is brought alive to his camp and warns of the instabilities in the meteorite, and is scoffed at by Megatron.

Only when it explodes and Optimus saves Grimlock, does he reject the lies told by Megatron.

They are the only known Autobot group—other than the Aerialbots—capable of flight in robot mode, a trait they share with the Decepticons.

They are always portrayed as fiercely independent, and are prone to diverge from the main group of Autobots to pursue their own agenda.

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That same day the Autobots were caught off guard by a Decepticon ambush.

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