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My cousin did however have great experience on there meeting his wife after just two weeks.

I figured because it was so expensive people would have to be really serious but found that some like even the free sites are just looking to mess around which isn’t my thing.

More so if you’re away from it all working from your home office like I am it’s often difficult to meet people.

I decided that I would record all the types of numbers I got as a result by putting POF or the according matching site after each person’s name next to each phone number.

We make every effort to ensure that all the information provided in our comparison is accurate, but we’re only human.

Keep in mind, I didn’t elect to date most of these people and am pretty selective about whom I meet.Christian : I figured I’d try this site as it identifies with my roots.I’m not a super religious guy but general moral background shared is always nice.I met a couple of really amazing women from it but the filtering process has a lot to be desired.I was matched with exactly what I said I didn’t want on there and friends experienced similar.

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This is after talking online on the dating sites through their chat medium. So I’ve been doing this whole online dating thing for like forever now but this was done over the past few years since I’ve felt like dating again.