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It was interesting in training that several of the employees being trained or the trainers themselves are very to extremely emotional and there is a real lack of professionalism.From sexual assaults on campus, to Islamophobia, transphobia, anti-Black racism, and cyberviolence — young women, girls and non-binary youth navigate multiple forms of violence every day.As Canada’s largest single provider of shelter for women and children fleeing violence, YWCA Canada places a high priority on ending violence against young women and girls.Also, we are aware that some of the content that has been aggregated may be offensive, that is why it is #NOTokay.However, if you feel that any of the posts are inappropriate or offensive to you, you are also welcome to contact us at [email protected] request that it be removed, and we will consider such a request in view of the overall educational intent of this site and remove it where appropriate.

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